Saturday, October 3, 2009

Protest of Olmert, San Francisco, Oct. 22

On Thursday October 22, former Prime Minister Olmert will be in San Francisco, as a guest of the World Affairs Council. He will be in the St Francis Hotel, we will be gathered outside on Union Square. We want Israel and its leaders held accountable for their crimes against the people of Palestine and Lebanon.

We support the findings of the Goldstone Report, that detail the crimes committed by Israel during its war against the whole people of Gaza of last December/January, in "Operation Cast Lead". President Obama and most politicians have simply refused to take this report seriously, if not vocally rejecting it, or just ignoring it completely.

It is therefore up to us, civil society, to again do what politicians are just too afraid to do. Call for universal application of human rights and international law. This will be the message of our protest. We demand that Olmert, who initiated "Operation Cast Lead" and is directly responsible for the crimes that took place. Olmert is also responsible for the insane attack against Lebanon in the Summer of 2006. Olmert shares criminal responsibility for the siege on Gaza that leaves children hungry and 1.5 million people in desperate circumstances.

Please plan on being there. Please spread the word. We need to stand together to create a new reality. We will not accept that Israel may act with impunity and total disregard for human life. This protest is our opportunity to stand up and be counted.

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