Saturday, September 12, 2009

Protest of AIPAC in Minneapolis

About 40 peace activists demonstrated at the front and back doors to Temple Israel on Wednesday, Sept. 2, to protest the presentation of Ann Lewis, a former senior advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, that was sponsored by AIPAC.

The event was advertised by Temple Israel as a community program and dessert reception that was open to the public, but attendees were asked to RSVP to AIPAC. They denied access to Coalition for Palestinian Rights members Sarah Martin and Karen Redleaf and to Colleen Rowley, former FBI whistleblower and congressional candidate and current member of Women Against Military Madness.

Sarah Martin explained: “AIPAC wants people to support the close relationship between the U. S. and Israel unconditionally. But they know that Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank and Gaza and perpetrating numerous injustices against Palestinians. They’re afraid of the public finding out how our tax dollars are being used to fund Israeli war crimes, and they’re trying to hide from the criticism they deserve. The bombing of Gaza that killed 1,400 civilians early this year is just one of the many atrocities being carried out by the Israeli government.”

Colleen Rowley said, “All we want is a free and open discussion of the Israeli and Palestinian problem.”

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