Thursday, May 28, 2009

75% in House sign onto AIPAC letter supporting Israeli-guided "peace process"

At the AIPAC Policy Conference, the Lobby pushed two initiatives, one about US and Iran, and another about the "peace process". The letter from AIPAC, introduced by Rep. Hoyer and Eric Cantor, used terms like "our mutual desire for peace" it contained a subtle warning to Obama: Don't pressure Israel. "The proven best way forward is to work closely and privately together both on areas of agreement and especially on areas of disagreement".

President Obama has been saying that his administration is opposed to any increase in Israeli Settlements in the West Bank. Netanyahu insists that they be allowed "natural growth" of existing settlements. Where does congress stand on this dispute? Clearly on the side of AIPAC/Netanyahu, in that they signaled they want no public pressure on Israel to work for peace.

Who signed this letter? Go here to see the House members so far. Here for the US Senate.

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